Recovery and Reclamation

OVER 87%  of Companies overpay VAT and Sales Taxes

Litvin Muir gets it back for you…..painlessly and seamlessy !!!!!!

More than 87% of all reviews uncover overpaid taxes.

Value Added Taxes, VAT or GST, are some of the most overlooked taxes in the business world. They can be as high as 27%, often the most expensive tax companies have to deal with. Companies are very careful and prudent with collecting and remitting  sales taxes, but often don’t have the resources to ensure accuracy and timeliness of recovery of taxes paid.

Recovery and Reclamation of VAT / GST can be split into 2 distinct Categories:

  • VAT/GST on expenses spent whilst doing business in FOREIGN Countries, particularly in Europe and,
  • Unrecovered VAT/GST in the course of business.

The team at Litvin Muir have been successfully working on tax recoveries for clients across the globe in excess of 30 years.

We can assist with VAT spent  in the European Union, per Directive 13 for Non – European entities, and Directive 8 for European Entities.

We are able to address your company’s current needs by recovering overpaid VAT/GST, identifying potential VAT/GST leakage, and  helping prevent future transaction errors.  While minimizing our intrusion into the organization, our compensation is based on results to maximize the returns to you.

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